Tuesday June 3rd, 2003 - 13:31

Post-Monkey, I found myself sitting on a curb on Boylston street eating pizza with Jamison and discussing our lives, and the various people in them.

Jamison made an offhand comment that, weather permitting, we should do this every Monday night. I pointed out that we would probably only be able to do it one more Monday before I was in Seattle.

Oh yeah, he said.

I had this weird dream where I was at a roller-skating rink or something, and this girl was hitting on me, and I actually knew it, which means it had to have been a dream because I'm always oblivious to that sort of thing, but she was hitting on me nonetheless and I was talking to her, and then about midway through conversation I came to realize that she was actually just trying to recruit me for a church or something, and wasn't really interested in dating me at all.

I'm sure there's some sort of analysis that can come along with this, but mostly I just thought it kind of funny. That would be a good way to recruit churchfolk, when you think about it. Though it would be exploiting Lust, which is supposed to be a sin, but there are a lot of other rules that people break, so why not that one?

I have been making plans to have some sort of gathering of friends so that I can get everyone in a room and get all teary-eyed and let them know how much I'm going to miss them, and Seattle won't be as cool because they aren't there, and so on. The trouble is that I find myself making a list of people to invite, and it's extraordinarily short. Maybe that's why the transition to Seattle is really easy - I don't have a thousand screaming, adoring fans begging me to stay.

Now, don't get any ideas, anyone. If you went and rented a thousand screaming adoring people to beg me to stay, I would not. I've made up my mind, and counted to three, to quote O' Brother, Where Art Thou?

For now, one big question lingers in my mind: When is my departure date?


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