Monday June 2nd, 2003 - 16:04

Devon has been sending me messages while I was asleep, counting something down.

12 Hours.

11 Hours.

10 Hours.

9 Hours.

8 Hours.

I'm not quite sure what's going to happen, but I'm expecting some sort of assassination attempt on my life, perhaps.

Presently, I am making plans to move back to Seattle.

This involes a lot of list-making, decision-making, and general plan layout that I have as yet completely ignored.

Nothing like being completely unprepared when it comes time to move across the country.

I did actually think about making one list today, though, which is the "Things I should do before I go" list.

Not so much in the packing and organizing sense, but in the play MiniGolf at such and such a place, or get photo taken here, or take pictures of this place sense. I'm going to miss Boston in a lot of ways, and think it would be nice to take lots of photos here in my last week so I can show all my friends in Seattle how cool everyone here is, so they can wonder why I left to begin with.

One thing I do have to do is secure Luggage, though. I only really have one bag, and I want to take more than one bag's worth of stuff with me, so I'm examining my options there. Luggage is damned expensive, though. Have you noticed? Even crappy luggage from Target or whatever is pretty expensive. And usually it comes in ugly colors. Why is it that everyone I know has black luggage, but no one seems to sell black luggage?

I'd also feel like kind of an ass if I went and bought cheap luggage just for this trip. I figure I should probably buy some real nice luggage that I can be proud of and have with me and stuff.

Maybe I'll just go to the sports store, buy some duffel bags, and leave it at that for now.

At some point I'm coming back to gather some more things with me, but I'll likely be gone for awhile before that happens. To everyone in this wonderful city of Boston: you guys are great. I love this city. I'll visit as often as I can.
Look out, Seattle.


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