Sunday June 1st, 2003 - 22:01


Basically, I've been bitching that no one updates their website often enough, or with anything interesting, and someone pointed out that could I please stop being a hypocrite, so here I am.

The deal is that I'm going to attempt to write something every day during the month of June, which is this month, for those of you who can't read or aren't paying attention.

That's pretty much all there is to say at this point in time, so I'll just ramble on for a few moments.

Have I mentioned lately how much Livejournal sucks? Jesus christ, man. I keep saying that I'd like to fill a U-Haul truck full of Petrol and drive it into whatever building is housing the servers, but now it seems you can't even rent U-Haul trucks right now because everyone and their grandmother is moving in Boston so all the trucks are gone. On the plus side, no one got one wedged in the tunnel on Storrow Drive like they always do when it's moving season. Damn kids and not reading the height restrictions.

The last time I was in a U-Haul, I was driving over curbs, intentionally hitting traffic cones, and generally, in retrospect, trying to roll the thing over. Of course, that's the night I lost all of my CDs, so there's a lesson in karma for you. I still regard U-Haul with the utmost contempt, though, even though it's really not their fault that I left my own CDs in their stupid truck.

Speaking of contempt, I saw someone who had a UPS pin on their shirt and informed them that the company they worked for was, in fact, the devil. They didn't seem too pleased. Remind me to keep my social rancor in check in the future.

Oh and I saw some guy I worked with that same night. He was a jackass, though.

Not the guy I used to work with that I saw earlier in the day. No, that guy's the Smartest Man Ever. And he had a U-Haul truck, come to think of it, that was broken, and he asked me if I knew anything about Diesels, and explained the problem. I told him I didn't know that much, but his problem was a dead battery so my limited Diesel experience was neither here nor there. So I left.

On the way back to the car, I stopped for a drink and bought some fruit juice based solely on the glass bottle it was in, and the fact that it said "juice", it turned out to say "carbonated" before "juice" which led me to think that maybe it should read "100% Ass" instead of "100% Juice", since it tasted like the former.

Needless to say, I threw it out.


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