Tuesday December 31st, 2002 - 10:51

What better way to ring in the New Year than a little introspection?

Things have changed a bit. For the better, in many ways. But life sometimes dictates that you have to give up certain things to attain certain other things.

Our hero finds himself partially homeless, once again. All of my belongings, theoretically, are packed in boxes and bags in the living room of my somewhat new girlfriend.

I say theoretically because things get lost sometimes. Or broken. Misplaced. Stolen. Et cetera. One never knows the condition of ones belongings until they're all laid out in front of you on a tarp or something, but really, who ever does that?

Everytime everything I own is in one place, packed and ready to head off to another place, I find myself astounded at how truly little I own. I could fit everything I own into my car, with the exception of my bed, which I could probably strap to the roof.

My car, of course, is no slouch, with 18 cubic feet of cargo room, but still, it makes you think.

And so the winds of change are upon us. New (or no) living situation. New job (two of them actually). New girlfriend. New Year.

Negotiations have begun to move back in with my parents, and event that's not nearly as bad as it seems. I've been spending more time with them lately, anyway. And their house is pretty close to my job(s). Not to mention home-cooked meals and a new television that my Dad produced seemingly out of thin air.

No. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Nothing wrong with much of anything, to tell the truth.

I've said many times that pain, anguish, et cetera is more often than not what drives artists and/or writers, so perhaps that's why I've been somewhat silent on the creative side of things.

I'm really just chugging along and doing the day-to-day. The lack of caffeine hasn't really made me a morning person, per se, but it's certainly made dealing with the early mornings and going to bed early easier. Even staying up late if I need to. Less pollution, I guess.

So really that's where I'm at. Content. Things are lining up to have great potential in the coming months, so I just need to hold on and keep my wits about me.

I could go on for a bit about the few negative things that have happened, but I'm sort of just writing them off. It's really not worth discussion. I'm trying to take the approach of moving past the petty things that a lot of people seem to try to bring to the table. This has been my general thinking for a really long time, but I'm adjusting it a bit in response to a few things. I'm going to be a bit more choosy about who my friends are, I believe. To quote a conversation:

Me: "I need new friends."

Devon: "You need friends that don't suck."

Both are true. I don't have an abundance of friends. People I hang out with on a day-to-day basis, girlfriend notwithstanding.

Work consumes a large period of my time, but I am available every now and then, and I just need to make sure that the people I'm spending my time with are truly deserving of my time. It's a shame that some of my favorite people to spend time with are either in other cities, or busy themselves.

I suppose our schedules will align themselves just so that I get to see everyone once and awhile. Really, it's all about patience, and I'm very patient these days.

You need to be patient to get what you want.

There's lots of things I want, and I have *no* problem waiting for them. No problem at all.

For New Year's, my resolution is to travel more. Because I find it amusing to adhere myself to stupid traditions that I typically avoid.


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