Tuesday April 19th, 2005 - 19:16

Coming home for work, I instantly become a forensic scientist.

My roommate isn't here. Where could he be? I can see from the plate there, that he had some fish sticks and used a little more ketchup than I would have. He also had a few sodas.

He was here last night. Could he have flown out of town again? He's been doing that a lot lately. A check into the bathroom doesn't reveal any missing items such as razor or toothbrush, but he's also the kind of guy who would leave without them.


I suppose it's my gain regardless. I get to bounce around the apartment like they do in the movies when Mom and Dad go on vacation. Not quite dancing in my underwear, but the point is made.

Above me, people appear to be practicing for some sort of wrestling tournament and are casually throwing Buicks around their apartment.

I begin to prepare my dinner of an extremely unorthodox meal consisting entirely of pepperoni pizza and Snapple. Friends and family around the country gasp in unison.

I got this iPod for Christmas from Mom and Dad, and I've been hooking it up to the tape deck in my car to listen while driving to and from work, but the past few days I've been taking it inside with me and sort of running a soundtrack with me as I eat and do chores and walk to work and around the parking garages and whatnot. It's kind of cool to be able to have music nonstop, especially since I'd like to consider myself pretty music-centric.

The weather here is amazing today. It has to be pushing Seventy. This would be truly fantastic if it weren't for the fact that while dismantling my car this weekend, I neglected to reconnect the air conditioning. Seventy degrees is both a curse and a blessing. Though I suppose driving the windows down and getting more fresh air isn't a bad thing.

At this point, I draw a complete blank.

I haven't been really writing anything lately because I either don't feel like I'm doing anything terribly interesting, or the things I'm doing aren't really for public consumption.

No one wants to hear about me staying up at Two Thirty in the morning, pulling my hair out because I can't turn my brain off, while my roommate shouts obscenities at me telling me to just shut the eff up and go to sleep.

Hm. On second thought, that's probably exactly what everyone wants to hear.

Many who know me know I am an avid Queens of the Stone Age fan, and I recently had the privledge of seeing them in concert whilst being completely and utterly sick.

The show was, of course, fantastic in just about every way imaginable, except for the tall guy who stood in front of me. It would have been a shame if James had to kill him, but he moved along his merry way happy with the knowledge that he can continue to chew solid food and operate writing utensils.

The new album, Lullibies to Paralyze should be picked up by anyone who likes music that is good, and many who do not. You may just be converted.

And that's about all I have to say about that for now.

If something terribly interesting and/or funny happens, I will be sure to take notes and attempt to retell the tale using very large words and silly phrases.

Until then, I'll be standing in my living room, surrounded by remnants of roommate wandered off, dancing on my couch and singing, rather loudly:

Tears from the sky
In pools of pain
Well baby tonight, I'm gonna go and dance in the rain.

In my head you're all brand new.


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