Wednesday December 17th, 2003 - 11:14

Oh don't worry. The xbox is my bitch.

It probably took a little longer than it should have, but in the end I prevailed. Joshua's xbox is all happily modded and chugging away upstairs with his new harddrive and a bunch of features he's still trying to figure out what he's going to do with.

Meanwhile my xbox is a little shellshocked. I had to put mine up on the chopping block so to speak in order to get his sorted out. I think it feels cheap and used.

James got back from Japan and looked at the open xbox, the soldering iron sitting on the table, and the random bits of solder, wire, screws, and a hardrive and said, "Should I be worried?"

To which, of course, I responded, "Only if you want to use the xbox."

He had the audacity to show up just before I was leaving for work and brandish all his little Japanese figurines and toys and whatnot, so of course I had to stick around for a few minutes and look at the fruits of his pillaging.

I'll never quite understand the thought of layering your house/apartment/office/cubicle with little figurines, but after seeing some of those little Japanese buggers, I guess it makes more sense.

Josh and I talked briefly about Christmas last night when we were heading to Broadway for some of the finest pizza in Seattle - Pagliacci.

If you haven't tasted the wonder of Pagliacci, you should go right now, damn it.

So Josh pointed out that he would probably need to get a little christmas tree. I realized that with Christine coming up for christmas, I should probably do the same, as she actually *likes* the holidays.

We debated on getting some of those orange street cones and painting them green - maybe adding some tinsel and calling it a night - but I think we'll have to hunt down one of those little suckers for $11.99 that they sell at gas stations and whatnot. I guess all the presents being distributed this year should only be about one and a quarter inches tall.

"What'd you get for chrismas, Christian?"

"Uh. Reese's peanut butter cups. King Size!"

I have no word yet from my parents on whether or not my dad has decided to cover the entire house with christmas lights this year. They go back and forth. Sometimes they buy no tree and do nothing, sometimes they buy a big tree and decorate like crazy. Maybe this is a year where they'll do the latter. Maybe I should phone up dad and let him know that the number of christmas lights on your house is directly related to how cool you are or something.

I just had a thought of my dad in a santa outfit. Weird.

I actually get the 25th off of work, and the 26th counts as a workday, but I'll be at home sort of on-call and checking email.

Still, I get a four day weekend to spend with the girl. The plan is to go to Devon's house - which currently has no heat - and maybe sit in front of the fireplace and freeze to death for christmas.

If that doesn't say happy holidays, I don't know what does.

Susan even said she'd send me a christmas card. Awww.

I don't think I've ever gotten a christmas card before.

I thought about making up some post-christmas cards and sending them out. Sort of a 'Thank christ that's over, huh?'

I think everyone would appreciate that. If people are interested, and send me emails with their addresses, I'll actually make them if I get enough demand.

Maybe I'll even add a little photo of me and my tiny, tiny christmas tree.


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